Brand Story

The invention of pottery landmark in the history of human social development, a sign, as early as the Neolithic period in primitive society, people began to use a ceramic cooker, ceramic cooker with natural material compared to metal cooking utensils will not lead chromium and other heavy precipitation, reducing the potential threat of harm to the human body, has always been the people's health and the health of the preferred cooking utensils. As the problem of the  traditional production process and raw materials due casserole , high water absorption, water left in the pot, easy to breed mold,weak to resist the  temperature changes and is easy to burst, not dry.

CERAGON——Health potimproved through research and development, the use of high purity natural selection of spodumene and clay pollution scientific ratio, pot body moist texture and delicate, while maintaining the advantages of the original natural pot, the more has excellent thermal shock resistance, enough to withstand high temperature 500 ℃to -20 ℃to rapid temperature changes, the refrigerator can be placed, can also be removed from the refrigerator directly after heating, the product testing proved to be dry "drop" water does not crack .

CERAGON——Health potwith the latest environmental health of the organic pigments are glazed, not only stylish, colorful and beautiful and lasting not fade. In cooking, while more releasing far infrared energy, excite water molecules inside ingredients resonance heating, water and retain the ingredients in protein structure, pure delicious cooked food, taste great, this is the other materials cookware can not be achieved. Such a stylish and practical, health pot is the best choice for people!